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Earn 20% of the sales as your commission. 

Our pricing structure:

Cotton Fabric Wool Fabric High End Fabric
Jacket HK$7,990.00 HK$9,500.00 HK$11,800.00
Trousers HK$2,800.00 HK$3,300.00 HK$3,300.00
Vest HK$3,040.00 HK$3,410.00 HK$3,920.00
3 pcs suit HK$13,830.00 HK$16,250.00 HK$19,020.00
2 pcs suit HK$10,790.00 HK$12,840.00 HK$15,100.00


 Selling points:

  1. Bespoke suits genuinely made in Italy. Tino Viviani Satoria has been making suits for over 70 years. There is no match in craftsmanship as compared to local tailors.
  2. Dffno designs our own suits, we know every single detail of the suit so we are able to provide unparalleled precision.
  3. We only use the best fabric, including Cerruti 1881, Escorial, Standeven, William Halstead, Charles Clayton, Valentino and Aston Martin. We also provide cashmere from Colombo.
  4. We provide 100% money back guarantee. If proved to be our mistake or negligence, we will refund the client in 100%.


  1. Client comes to us or we go to the client for measurement and fabric selection.
  2. Client is required to make a 50% deposit.
  3. We order the chosen fabric in Italy and send client's measurements to Tino Viviani Satoria.
  4. Tino receives the fabric and start making the fitting ssample.
  5. Tino finished the sample suit and courier it back to HK.
  6. We contact client for fitting session.
  7. Fitting suit courier back to Tino to be completed.
  8. Finished suit will be sent back to HK for delivery.
  9. Client pays for the balance.
  10. You get 20% of whatever the client spent.